Services for Seriously Mentally Ill Adults

Learning to live with a serious mental illness is a challenging journey, but recovery is possible.

Oaklawn offers a variety of programs that offer growth and stability for SMI adults and support for their families. Led by our expertly-trained staff, these services aim to improve quality of life, increase independence and support individuals in recovery.

Services include

  • Skills training to help clients improve daily living skills and thrive in their communities
  • Case management to provide a personal advocate and assistance in developing a recovery plan, including learning how to access services, improve life skills and live successfully in the community
  • Outpatient treatment, including individual counseling, group support and dual diagnosis group support for those who face a serious mental illness and an addiction

Housing Services

Stable housing is a key component to living with a serious mental illness and preventing hospitalization. Oaklawn offers a variety of housing opportunities:

  • Supervised group living: Is a residential option that is often a step-down from hospitalization. Staff is on-site 24/7 to assist with your transition back into the community and the average length of stay is three to 12 months. These locations offer shared living space with other residents.
  • Transitional living facilities: Are a step-down from a supervised group home or a hospital stay. Transitional living facilities have staff on site occasionally to assess the living environment and evaluate progress. An average length of stay in a transitional home is three to six months, with a goal of moving residents to their own apartment.
  • Independent Housing: Is comprised of a wide range of permanent supportive housing from apartment complexes to scattered site apartments where residents can build a community with others.
  • Rental Assistance for the homeless and mentally ill: Are subsidized apartment units that are designated for seriously mentally ill adults who are homeless. Rental assistance vouchers are also available for scattered sites within Elkhart and St. Joseph counties.

Each housing site has specific requirements that must be met in order to utilize services. Contact the Oaklawn Housing Manager in Elkhart County at 574-533-1234, and in St. Joseph County at 574-283-1234 or toll-free at 800-282-0809 to see if you meet the specific requirements.

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