Quite Frank Lee

For the bandmates of Quite Frank Lee, it’s as much about the friendship as the music.

“There’s something to be said for like-minded people working together for a common goal,” said Scott Vaerewyck. “Music is a gift, but the friendship is a gift, too.”

Quite Frank Lee formed in 2021 and is made up of Scott (vocals and guitar), Anna Naragon (vocals), Rob Booker (bass), Kyle Paulk (lead guitar) and Tony Leininger (drums/percussion). Their sound is a blend of folk, country and Americana – marked by the striking harmonies of Scott and Anna. The two have been singing together for about 10 years, first in the band Little Something. For Scott, finding the right duet partner was a turning point.

“I grew up in the era where rock and roll was the thing – the spiked hair, the leather – I did all that,” Scott said. “Along with that, you had to listen to a certain style of music. But once I heard a beautiful song with a beautiful male-female harmony, I realized, I don’t want to go through life without trying to be a part of that.”

Quite Frank Lee showcases that harmony, especially through Scott’s originals, which explore his-and-hers perspectives and lines of call and response. He writes about love and love lost and everything in between – drawing from real-life experiences of his own or those he knows. He’s been writing music for about 17 years and says the greatest reward is being able to find the right chord or the right melody to perfectly express a feeling.

“At first, it was purely for being able to express myself,” Scott said. “But it gave me the foundation to bring it and share it with others.”

Now, the group is looking forward to doing that at Oaklawn’s Got Talent.

And, there’s another reason the show is extra meaningful to them. They first auditioned for OGT two years ago – with their bandmate Randy Norris, pedal steel guitarist, who died unexpectedly. The audition was one of the last times they played together.

“He was a dear friend, a mentor, an inspiration,” Scott said. “He’s truly missed, and when we play, we’ll be thinking about him.”

That connection and friendship among the bandmates run deep – and spurs them on.

“All bands have personalities and they’re all different,” said Rob. “This is a fantastic one – everybody’s on the same page and we’re having a lot of fun. That’s what you play for, what makes it worthwhile, makes you want to show up again and keep playing. I don’t know how you put a price on that.”

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