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Welcome to the HealthVault Patient Portal

Oaklawn Psychiatric Center offers you the opportunity to join HealthVault, a Microsoft secure, web-based Patient Portal that allows you to see certain elements of your medical record in electronic form within hours after you have visited your provider.

When you connect to the portal, you are NOT connecting to the Oaklawn computer system, but to a secure website hosted elsewhere. Only the limited information you see is stored on HealthVault. Your actual records are still maintained by Oaklawn and remain secure within the Oaklawn Electronic Health Records (EHR) system.

There is no obligation to use HealthVault. Your nurse still remains available by phone. Whether or not you decide to register for a HealthVault account does not affect your treatment. Oaklawn will use your client portal primarily to provide you with clinical summaries of your office visits (including next scheduled appointment), transitions of care documents (upon request), and may occasionally communicate with you via secure (DIRECT) email if you wish.

Important information about HealthVault

Once information is released into HealthVault, it ceases to become electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) secured under HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules by Oaklawn or its agents. Instead, it becomes part of a client’s Personal Health Record (PHR), the security and control of which is the responsibility of the client and HealthVault, as governed by the Federal Trade Commission. You, the client, control where your information is released, and as you agree to under the standard procedures outlined in your user agreement with HealthVault.

Oaklawn suggests you take the following measures to secure your Personal Health Record stored in HealthVault

  • Use a secure password with 8 (eight) characters, with at least one upper case and one lower case letter, one symbol, and one number;
  • Do not share your HealthVault password with anyone to whom you do not wish to provide access to your HealthVault portal;
  • Go to your HealthVault account and provide a second email address for notification of any security breaches in the remote event one would occur (Follow instructions at
  • Be aware that if you are a minor, you may have a right to privacy of specific information that includes but may not be limited to Assessment and Treatment for Substance Abuse, communicable disease, etc. If you are a parent or guardian of a minor, please know that Oaklawn will take measures to ensure privacy to your child when assisting with creating his/her HealthVault account.

With these steps to ensure security of your information, you can enjoy the benefits of having a HealthVault account, including the ability to gather information from many physicians in your secure site and reconcile your medication lists, view your Personal Health Record and upcoming Oaklawn appointments in electronic form (on the Clinical Summary), and take an active role in tracking and supporting your own wellness.

To set up your HealthVault account, click on “Instructions” below and follow the steps listed. Clicking on “Login” will take your directly to the HealthVault site. If you need assistance and have an Oaklawn Care Facilitator or Skills Trainer, please contact him/her with any questions or to make an appointment. Technical assistance is available by contacting Microsoft at

Your Oaklawn Health Care Providers

Or, you can also visit any Oaklawn office and request access to the Patient Portal.

Frequently asked questions

What if I forget my password?

Go to the HealthVault site and click on, “Can’t access your account?” and it will take you to another screen to click on “Forgot my password”.

Can I view or send messages using the Patient Portal?

Yes, you can send email to Oaklawn to request Clinical Summaries and you can view Oaklawn Clinical Summaries that we send to you. The direct email address that is created for you on HealthVault is for non-emergency communication only. Your nurse still remains available by phone for emergency communication and is happy to take your call.

Can I request an appointment or request a prescription refill using the Patient Portal?

No. We are not able to schedule appointments or accept refill requests via the Patient Portal at this this time.

What should I do if I notice a discrepancy or see information that is not up-to-date on my record?

If you see a discrepancy or have new information for us, please call your provider’s office.

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