Adolescent Male Group Home

Independent living group home

Licensed for up to 10 youth, Oaklawn’s group home accepts males ages 14 to 18 at the time of referral who have previously completed a residential treatment program or needing an intensive independent living program.

The home serves as a step-down from residential treatment programs or when otherwise clinically indicated.

Staff to youth ratio is 1:4. 

Independent living group home

Exterior recreation area

Common areas: living room, dining, area, full kitchen

Common area: Living room

Television in common areas

Library and computer/Internet access

Common area: Dining room/kitchen

Youth learn to cook and take turns cooking dinner

Fully equipped kitchen

Youth learn to cook following a recipe

Common areas: Game room

Multiple TVs & game consoles

Multiple TVs and game consoles









Building opportunity and responsibility

Oaklawn’s group home offers the safety and structure of supervised group living with the opportunity to build independent living skills through more community involvement and greater responsibility for self. 

While each youth’s privileges are unique and dependent on cooperation in treatment, youth are encouraged to: 

Attend local community and trade schools and colleges

Work or volunteer in the community

Travel independently via the community busing system

Budget for themselves and use their own money responsibly

Treatment in group living

Oaklawn maintains a high level of expectation for involvement in treatment. Youth: 


  • Meet with a therapist once per week
  • Meet with a skills trainer once per week
  • Build an independent living plan with intensive case management
  • Attend community support groups, such as AA, as indicated
  • Participate in team-building exercises

Make a referral

If you would like to make a referral for a youth you are working with, call us at 574-259-5667, ext. 222 or email us at

After hours referrals can be made by calling 574-533-1234.

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