Addiction Services

Specialized addictions programs

Oaklawn offers specialized addiction treatment programs for adolescents and adults in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties. Our programs range from traditional to complex, including those who are addicted to more than one substance, people who have failed in other programs or people who are also facing a mental illness.

Rapid access programs

Oaklawn is using innovative access models that connect people with the help they need when they need it.

Mobile Opioid Response Team

  • WHO IT SERVES: Anyone with an opioid use disorder in Elkhart, St. Joseph or Marshall counties. Takes calls from clients, families of clients, pastors, doctors, concerned friends and provides information on treatment options.
  • SERVICES PROVIDED: Recovery coaches help clients access treatment, such as inpatient stabilization, short-term detox, outpatient assessment, MAT (medication assisted treatment) clinic, psychiatrists, group therapy, housing, vocational rehab, health insurance and more.
  • BENEFITS: A person with an opioid use disorder can be seen very quickly and access services faster than traditional models.
    Available 24/7. Will respond to Emergency Rooms when client is in crisis.
  • 574-537-2700

Recovery Café

  • WHO IT SERVES: Anyone.
  • SERVICES PROVIDED: A safe, sober place to hang out, have a cup of coffee, use the restroom, use a computer or get out of the rain/snow. Staffed by recovery coaches who can help visitors connect to needed services such as SNAP, Lifeline telephone, insurance navigator, housing, sober living, employment, inpatient hospitalization or outpatient mental health or substance use treatment.
  • BENEFITS: Walk-in, face-to-face support. Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 333 N. Main St., South Bend, in the First United Methodist Church.
  • 574-537-2777

Quick Response Team

  • WHO IT SERVES: Anyone looking for mental health or substance use treatment information in Northern Indiana.
  • SERVICES PROVIDED: Specially trained recovery coaches make referrals to appropriate services at Oaklawn or another provider.
  • BENEFITS: Get information from experts within the local mental health system. Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • 574-537-2778
Adolescent programs

The New Hope Adolescent program is a 28-week intensive substance use treatment program for adolescents with a moderate to severe substance use disorder. Participants learn about substance use, how it affects families and individuals and skills for recovery.

Camp Mariposa is a free weekend overnight camp that supports children ages 9-12 who are impacted by substance use in their families. For many campers, one or both parents struggle with a substance use disorder. Camp Mariposa gives children the knowledge, tools and coping skills to prevent them from developing an addiction of their own and to help break the intergenerational cycle of addiction.

Adult intensive outpatient programs

Addictions Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):  Participants in IOP, a mixed-gender group, learn skills to become sober and work on communication, relationship skills and goal-setting.

Intensive Outpatient Program for Women: We utilize the Matrix model and provide specialized addictions treatment for women offering them new hope for healing.

Gambling treatment program

Offered in collaboration with our other addictions programs. Length of treatment varies according to a participant’s individual goals. Program components include individual sessions, goal setting, psycho-education, relapse prevention and medication management, as required. Our program also provides referrals to financial counselors and Gambler’s Anonymous.

Brief marijuana treatment

Offered to those in the substance use stages of pre-contemplation and contemplation. The goal is to improve through motivational interviewing. Individual and group sessions are used to assist clients in reaching the action stage.

Medication assisted treatment (MAT)

MAT is an addictions treatment designed to use prescribed medications and therapy to decrease withdrawal symptoms, cravings and make the early days of the recovery process more manageable. Research shows substantially increased positive outcomes using medications and therapy combined.

Continuing care

After the completion of an addictions IOP, participants begin a continuing care program, which includes relapse prevention education and strategies, as well as continued supportive intervention and monitoring.

Family Involvement: Clients, family members and significant others are encouraged to attend our family group therapy.

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